Black and Neon Green


BLACK AND NEON GREEN: Drew Quincy thought he had the perfect life. He was the son of the owner of a professional football team. He also worked for the team as a Vice President. Drew even had a beautiful wife and a son. Everything was great until he started having an affair with the team’s star wide receiver. Follow Drew as he shares the life altering details of the events that took place. This thought provoking story touches on multiple topics including gay athletes, the culture of professional sports and mental health (specifically depression and suicide).

Kevin Gatti wrote BLACK AND NEON GREEN to help shed more light on topics that are typically pushed aside. Kevin had a hard time accepting his true identity as a gay man and realized that many others had the same struggle. As someone with a passion for sports, he also has an interest in gay athletes and their stories. This book looks at an issue that Kevin sees within the world of professional sports and other important issues. Kevin likes to make a point about the negative effects that rejecting someone’s true identity has on their mental health.

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