Mental Health Advocacy

Lets’s Talk About Mental Health…

I believe we can all be and should be advocates for our Mental Health. As human beings, we all have Mental Health and we all have enough lived experience to stand up and say, “Hey! We need to talk about this.”

Mental Health is incredibly complex. Everyone’s situation is different. I believe the best approach to advocating for Mental Health includes:

⁃ Encouraging others to take care of their own Mental Health first by leading by example.

⁃ Pushing for greater awareness (destigmatization) and resources. Understanding that social equity is a huge issue impacting Mental Health.

⁃ Being vulnerable when you’re comfortable and ready. Share your own story so others know it’s okay.

⁃ Being a listener. Hear the stories of others with the intention of understanding and not judging.

⁃ Having those difficult conversations about Mental Health. Be ready to learn and be ready to be wrong some times.

This page is dedicated to Mental Health Advocacy. Here I post things related to Mental Health.

Note: I am not a Mental Health professional. I am just a fellow human being yelling from the roof top, “Let’s take care of ourselves!” I always recommend seeking professional help when you feel you need it and you are able to.

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