Why I Do What I Do

When I was younger I often thought to myself, “What would they think?” The possible answers to this question would flood my mind to the point of overwhelming anxiety. At that point, silence always seem to give the best outcome.

I have since learned to not ask myself, “What would they think?” It can be often difficult to avoid this, but I have realized that the very question itself triggers paralyzing thoughts to take over. This single question alone can drive me to be someone I am not.

In recent years, many of the decisions I have made were based on a different question running through my mind. That question is “What do I think?” By changing the question just a little bit makes such a huge difference. It takes the power of deciding who I am as a person away from everyone else and gives it back to me.

Making this small change has caused a massive mindset shift for myself. When I make a decision now I do it with my best interest first. I know this may sounds selfish, but it only is if you allow it to be. Live by example and inspire others to look at themselves in a positive light. Encourage others to realize that they don’t need the opinions of others to live their life either.


I know I haven’t had any new blog posts in several months. I’ve been busy recently with different things and yes, I have been procrastinating. Last week I saw a friend of mine post an IG story poll asking if they should start a blog about their life. Not only did I love this idea because I love when people share their stories, seeing this gave me the motivation I needed to write this post.

In this post I decided to touch on the evolution of my decision making process (above) and to answer a couple questions that explains a little of why I do what I do. I know I don’t necessarily need to explain myself to people, but I ultimately decided to write this in order to share more insight on who I am and the person I am becoming.


Why I share my story?

10 years ago I would have never thought about sharing my story with other people. I was a quiet guy about a year into college. I was in the midst of consuming my life into the world of sports and had absolutely no interest in my feelings or even knowing that I had a story to tell.

I share my story on this site because hearing other peoples’ stories inspire me and sharing my own story is my way of paying it forward. My philosophy is if it helps anyone (even if it’s just one person) than it’s all worth it to me.

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Why I share inspirational quotes and words on social media?

Growing up I was never someone who was into inspirational things. I was never inspired. The truth is that I never allowed myself to be inspired. I had closed out all my emotions and feelings for a very long time because that is what I thought men did. Fear controlled me. I was afraid of the unknown and afraid of being judged.

I have since learned to let go of my fears. I have learned to open myself up to the emotions and feelings of myself and others. When you do this you begin to look at everything as energy. When you read something or see something it makes you feel a certain way. I believe when this happens you are taking in that energy, which is why you feel it and it effects you.

I have come to believe that words can be powerful, art can be powerful and actions can be very powerful. You may say that I’m a hippie, but I honestly don’t care. I post inspiration things because I believe in their power and the positive impact they have. I don’t care how many likes I get. The important thing to me is knowing that just one person may have seen it and it had a positive impact on them.


Why I often write and post about love?

Love is a funny word for a lot of people. I find it very ironic that many throw around the word hate like it’s no big deal and then when the word love comes up they get all weird and freaked out. I used to be like this as well. This is one of the many things that has had a powerful change in my life and is why I often write about it or reference it.

For many, love is only something that is exclusive between 2 people who are in a loving relationship. For me, when people look at love that way I find that they are only looking at the sexual aspect of it. While I do believe love between 2 people is very special, I also believe that love itself is much bigger and powerful than that. I believe much of what love is has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

I’m a believer that love is meant to be shared with all. I believe treating everyone unconditionally with the highest amount of dignity and respect possible is actual true love. It blows my mind that we live in a world were many still care more about objects and material things than they do about each other. People aren’t looking at each other and seeing themselves. People are failing to realize how powerful we are when we put aside our fears and we all come together as one.


What am I currently working on?

While I continue to do inspirational graphics and photography, there are bigger projects that I am working on behind the scenes. Over the last several years I have discovered not so much a love for writing, but a love for storytelling. I love telling stories that are relatable, deep and very real. I love to write about the stories that are right in front of our face but no one seems to see it or acknowledge it.

I would like to note the fact that I have been working a couple novels over the last several years. The first one is very near completion and I’m very excited to share this story with the world. I won’t share too much at this time, but I will let you know a few things about it. This book is not my personal story, nor is it based on my personal story. It is a fictional novel that does utilizes themes that I have already written and posted about. It also tells a story that I hope people will come to love and embrace.

I am also working on a possible project involving my photography and artwork that will be very exciting. Stay tuned for more details to come on that.

K.P. Gatti – 04.03.2018

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  1. “What do they think?” This question has left many people wondering, “What could have been if…” Your idea of changing the basic question in self-talk, changes everything. Thanks for sharing this. Helped me too.

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