2021: We Need To Think Bigger

My thoughts on the new year.

After the year we had in 2020, the new year feels like the cold pool that no one wants to get in. Everyone is waiting around for the first splash. We eagerly and nervously think of our game plan to enter, but then remember our 2020 game plan is now just a joke we tell our friends and family through video chats and memes. We ponder to ourselves whether this year there will be a shark in the pool or not. I mean, 2020 taught us that anything is possible, right? Running away from the pool seems like a plausible option this year, but what if we don’t do that? What if we jump in this year? What if we jump in bigger than ever before? What would happen?

The world would completely break. That’s probably what many of you think. However, as we all witnessed our world appear to shatter throughout 2020, like many others, I started to take a step back and look at things from a bigger perspective. I started to see the exposing of the already existing cracks in our society as not just flaws, but as opportunities for society as well. Opportunities for us do things differently with a lot of doors opening for many us to do amazingly creative things that can better our world.

As we see more clearly the systemic issues that have been built into the structure of society for a long time, we also can see the opportunities that are being created for both us individually and as a society to take ownership for our actions and to start creating new paths to improve. Racial hierarchy in particular has become rapidly more obvious. A devastating stain on society that sadly isn’t new, but it’s damage and vastly wide impact are becoming too clear to simply turn the other way. I believe acknowledgement and accountability are how we individually and as a society evolve into a greater existence.

While things look rather doom and gloom in many ways right now, I do truly believe we are at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment. We’re discovering that many of society’s structures no longer serve us all efficiently or at all. As a result, they will eventually begin to collapse or evolve. This will allow for a new school of thinking to be created. This new school of thinking will present new and improved ideas on how to do things. Advancements will soon be seen happening faster than we’ve seen in the last 50 years, and they won’t just be in the area of technology. They will be all across the board.

New ideas will trickle across all of society like a domino effect and a golden age for all artists and creatives will commence. New ways of conveying and sharing art will come about. New ideas for storytelling will be generated. New voices that have never had the opportunity to be heard or seen will be heard and seen. Diversity will be rich and will prove to be the ultimate reward when we allow ourselves to learn from all of us. As relatability increases, exploring our vulnerabilities will become more common, which in itself will create wonders that we can’t even begin to imagine. More people will feel inspired to tap into their imagination to create exciting new things that will only further expand this new great age.

Many of you may say that this is already happening. It most certainly is, but it’s important to notice that we are all just getting started. We have barely scratched the surface of all of our full potentials. Most of us don’t even believe in our own potential, and a lack of belief in itself can destroy some awesome waves before they even start.

Belief is very important, but so is action. Nothing is possible if we don’t make it possible. In addition to believing it can happen, we also have to put in the work. If we do nothing, then nothing will happen. Things will stay the same, or worse, move backwards. We must act in order to see the amazing changes we envision for our world.

We need to think bigger. We need to ask bigger questions, have bigger conversations, offer bigger solutions, and produce bigger creations. We must be open to taking on the tough issues like social equity, criminal justice reform and mental health. We must be willing to have the uncomfortable conversations with our family, friends and the general public about things that may not be impacting us personally but are negatively impacting our fellow human beings. We must seek out and listen to the voices and stories of those that differ the most from our own. Some of our greatest lessons will be brought forth by doing this. We must overcome our fears to express our true selves in vulnerable ways, as the impact of us doing so will make it all worth it.

For far too long, way too many of us have lived in fear and have (knowingly and unknowingly) projected that fear onto others. We have to be unafraid to make mistakes. That is where we can ultimately learn and grow the most, as long as we are willing to acknowledge our missteps. Realizing that fear is just an illusion and breaking away from its bondage is just the start. We then need to do the work addressing our own inner demons. After that, start the work on making our passion (gift to the world) a reality. Allow the work we do on ourselves to be a testament and inspiration to others.

It is completely possible for all of us to find viable solutions to today’s problems. If we allow ourselves to see past all of the distractions to fully acknowledge the growing holes and respectfully come together to bring about new ways, then anything is possible. Only then can we ultimately create a world that is nothing less than magical according to today’s standards. We must save ourselves from ourselves. If we don’t want to do it for ourselves, we must at least want to do for the future generations of humanity.

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