I started writing BLACK AND NEON GREEN about 3 or 4 years ago. I never attempted to write anything before because I had always saw myself as not a good writer. I always knew that I was full of stories and had an incredible imagination, but never believed in myself to put it down on paper.

Since coming out as gay several years ago, I have slowly gained the necessary confidence to start putting my ideas and stories on paper. The feeling has become indescribable. Being able to do something that I love and that I am passionate about is absolutely incredible.

However, I am going to be completely honest with you, writing itself is still not something that I love. The story that is produced by the writing is what I truly love. The message, the theme and the passion behind it is what fuels me.

One of the main themes behind all of my writing is to get people to think differently and to question the world around us in hopes of trigging people to want to make the world a better place for everyone. My hope is to get people to want to understand others more and to do less assuming.

Another main theme behind my writing is to inspire people to be true to themselves. The feeling of being able to live your truth is incomparable. If anything I do is able to help just one person in being able to have this feeling, then I accomplished my goal.

This particular story combines my interest in sports (and some of the issues that I see regarding gay athletes) with my overall themes of what I’m about in my writing. I am aware that this story does touch on concepts that may make some uncomfortable. This story is not for everyone and that is completely ok. For those who do read it, I hope you are able to feel the deeper themes of the story and are able to use that impact for good.

For those who feel that the story may make you uncomfortable, I do encourage you to read it anyway. Embrace the uncomfortable moments and allow yourself to exit your comfort zone. You may end up learning something you didn’t know before or it may trigger you to look at something in a different way.

Although it is not really directly mentioned in the story, mental health is a major theme. One of the main points I am trying to make with this story is to get people to see how we treat other human beings and the impact it has on all of our mental health.

I have personally noticed that we often get so caught up on our differences that we forget to look at all of the similarities between us. We often fail to see that we are all human.

My overall hope with this story is that it has a positive impact on the people who read it. While reading this story, don’t go looking for any particular hero. Instead, know that the real hero of this story is the reader who becomes inspired to make a positive impact on their own life and in the world around them.

Click here to learn to more about BLACK AND NEON GREEN and how to get your copy.

Kevin Gatti – 11/13/2018

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